About Me
Hello there! I am Dana B.
I am the CEO & Designer here at KDPTemplate Studio!
I started KDPTemplate Studio in May 2021 and it has been going strong ever since! Let me tell you. I love to write/blog, so I was interested in Low Content books on Amazon. I published books on Amazon and was looking to publish more, so went to Etsy to get ideas, and that is when I stumbled across the KDP interior shops. WHAT THE HECK! People are selling the interiors of these books. I can do that and would love it!
I started researching on YouTube, and a comment was made in one of the videos. The course coach said, "You are creating something that another person is either in need of or doesn't have time to create or maybe cannot create. You have something someone else does not have". I found that interesting and true! Which is how KDPTemplate Studio came about...
Client Love
I absolute love these Templates. The owner gets it! Finally a creator that’s confident in her designs and is willing to share with other without all of the restrictions that crushes creativity. She is so knowlegable and I love her willingness to share tips for success!!! I absolutely love every Template I have purchased and love having the ability to make them my own 10 STARS!!! Kudos. Your new #1 Fan💕
Debbee Jeter of DHTDigitalDesigns

Highly recommend! As an experienced publisher on KDP, I really appreciate the thoughtful design and quality of this seller's products. Very attractive, clean layouts that are easy to modify. Great support documentation too!
Jen of Funny Quote Gifts

This is exactly what I have been looking for. It's a great product for a great price. The seller really went above and beyond with providing information explaining how to use the product.
Sharon of Grace and Gear


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