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Ready to take your acuity scheduling site to the next level? With these one-of-a-kind eye-catching editable acuity templates, you can create a professional-looking acuity booking site in no time.

With our templates, you can easily create your online booking site, whether you are a makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician, and more! Plus, our templates are easy to use and perfect for any business.

Plus, we provide an instruction guide with videos that will give you some detail on how to download from and upload to your Acuity Scheduling site.

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Ready to jazz up your Acuity Scheduling Site? Dive into these snazzy, customizable Acuity Scheduling Site Templates that will have your booking site looking sleek and professional in a jiffy!


Are you a makeup guru, hair wizard, or nail artist?  KDPTemplates Acuity Scheduling Site Templates has got you covered with user-friendly templates that suit any business.


And guess what? We've even sprinkled some nifty video tutorials to guide you through These little helpers are just the tip of the iceberg to kickstart your Canva journey, but trust us, these templates are as easy as pie. You can jazz them up with your own snaps or your customer's pics. Switch up the background hue to match your brand's vibe. Throw in your logo for that extra dash of personality! Make it uniquely yours and get ready to catch the eye of YOUR fabulous customers!


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What's Included

⛬ 5 Premade Editable Acuity Scheduling Website Banners
⛬ KDPTemplateStudio Purchase Guide – this guide will include your link to your banners

License Info

⛬The Instruction Guide will have the PLR license (if required), Canva links & the GOOGLE DRIVE links for your new products, ⛬ In addition, The Instruction Guide contains Canva video links to help you work in Canva!

Personal Use Only

⛬ By purchasing this product, you agree to not resell or redistribute, copy or share the design or product anywhere or on site, ⛬ © Copyright 2024 KDPTemplatestudio – All Rights Reserved.


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