Goals and Resolutions Bundle


This KDP template bundle makes creating a planner incredibly easy. It is ready to use or you can make changes in Canva, your choice! Just log into Canva.com, add your logos, images, or any elements you need, and hit “download” – that’s it!

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KDPTemplate Studio presents the Goals and Resolutions Bundle for personal growth. This interior content assists customers in setting goals, reflecting on the past year, and planning for the upcoming year.


With the Goals and Resolutions Bundle, designing a planner becomes effortless. It's ready to use, or you can customize it in Canva – the choice is yours! Simply log into Canva.com, add your logos, images, or any necessary elements, and then click "download."


This versatile KDP interior bundle is suitable for printable, digital, or iPhone planners and is not limited to Amazon KDP. You can reuse this template multiple times by duplicating it in Canva for each new concept you want to explore.

This is a 100-page interior with two trim sizes!
Trim Sizes:
6x9 inches (Bleed PDF Only)
8.5x11 inches (Bleed PDF Only)


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What's Included

⛬ Personal Growth – Self-Reflection (2pgs)
⛬ Personal Growth – Areas of Growth
⛬ Personal Growth – Mind & Body
⛬ Personal Growth – Goal Outline
⛬ Life Reflection – Last Year
⛬ Life Reflection – This Year
⛬ Life Reflection – I will!
⛬ Life Reflection – Goals & Resolutions
⛬ Life Reflection – Encouraging Thoughts for Down Times
⛬ Goals – Goals at a Glance
⛬ Goals – Main Goal for the Month (14months)
⛬ Goals – Main Goal for the Week (57weeks)
⛬ Goals – Notes (after every Month/Week)

License Info

⛬The Instruction Guide will have the PLR license (if required), Canva links & the GOOGLE DRIVE links for your new products, ⛬ In addition, The Instruction Guide contains Canva video links to help you work in Canva!

Terms of Use

⛬ Sell unlimited projects on KDP Amazon, Self-Publishing sites or Personal site. Do not sell/redistribute the Canva template, ⛬ This product can be used for personal or commercial use (totally up to you!)


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