First off, what is KDP?

This is Amazon’s very own publishing platform, which allows both the public and authors to sell their books as both eBooks, paperbacks and hardcovers ( In the self-publishing world, it is a no-brainer to sign up for it since it holds about 80% of the eBook market share. You can use KDP to publish digitally or as a paperback/hardcover if you prefer. The platform is simple to use, so getting your first book published isn’t a big deal.

What are No-content, Low-content and Medium-content books?

To put it simply, you don’t have to be a writer to be a publisher. You can publish notebooks, coloring books, planners and journals without having a drop of literary skill.  The problem here is the market.  Is this market saturated?

So, how can KDPTEMPLATE STUDIO be used for self-publishing?

Due to the changes that occurred in 2022 and KDP Amazon, each low-content book, or medium-content book, must be carefully thought out, and produced with a level of quality that mass producers cannot match. That is what KDPTemplate Studio does with each template I create and design.

For example, you could use a coloring book based on a fiction book you published. Well, KDPTemplate Studio has the coloring book already designed for you! Maybe you need a journal to pair with a nonfiction book you published. KDP Template Studio has the journal already created for editing. You have the ability to “reskin” any template/interior that KDPTemplate Studio creates. This makes it even better because now you can add your “brand” to the template, which means less work is needed. Isn’t that great?

This is what KDPTemplate Studio is all about. We create KDP templates/interiors that are done right, to help folks rise above a saturated market.


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